Introducing the cutting-edge Miner M30S 104TH/s Bitcoin Miner, equipped with a powerful ASIC chip that delivers approximately 104 terahashes per second of SHA-256 hashing power while consuming 3328 watts of energy.


This new model features a built-in 3600W power supply designed for 220V-240V, eliminating the need for cumbersome 9 pin cables and simplifying the connection process to your outlet.

The M30S shares a similar size with our flagship M20S Miner, with the primary distinction being the lower height of its power supply unit (PSU). Its integrated fan system ensures optimal hashing performance while maintaining the device’s cool temperature.

Setting up Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash mining has never been easier – just plug in the power and internet, locate the assigned IP address, and enter it into a web browser to access the user-friendly graphical interface. In less than 30 minutes, you can start mining and earning profits with the advanced Miner M30S .

Your miner will be swiftly delivered to you via fast air shipping for a hassle-free experience.