The Antminer S19 86T from Bitmain is the newest model of their Bitcoin miner, and it comes with an included PSU power supply.

  • The Antminer S19 86T ASIC Miner is designed for easy setup and use. All you need to do is connect it with a network cable, power it on, and the miner will start working right away.
  • This machine is capable of mining various ASIC SHA-256 coins, including popular ones like Bitcoin, BitcoinSV, BitcoinCash, Acoin, Curecoin, Joulecoin, Unbreakable, Peercoin, eMark, Terracoin, and many others.
  • The Antminer S19 86T operates on the SHA256/BTC/BCH crypto algorithm, delivering a hashrate of 86 ± 3% TH/s.
  • Its power consumption at 25°C is 2967 ± 5% Watts, with a power efficiency of 34 ± 5% J/TH.
  • The power supply accepts an AC input voltage ranging from 200 to 240 Volts (1-1).